X-Sories Eu Charger U, schwarz, WALL


A dual USB wall charger with a compact design includes all major mobile phone connectors and a retractable USB cable. Simply plug in and charge. U-Charge allows you to charge 2 USB devices at the same time! This universal wall charger is perfect for traveling and keeping your batteries topped off. Just plug the retractable USB cable or any other USB cable into the USB port for an immediate charge. Charge 2 USB devices at the same time (2 USB ports). Charges mobile phones MP3s and much more! Just combine the retractable USB charging cable with the right connector for your phone or USB device simply plug in and charge. Compatible With iPod / iPhone (via USB) Nokia 6110 Series Samsung D800 & Samsung G600 Series Motorola V3 & Motorola V8 Series Sony Ericsson K750 Series LGKG 800 Series Most other electronic devices Included Retractable USB Cable Connectors (Sony Ericsson K750 Nokia6101 MotoV3 Samsung A288 Micro-USB)


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