Sweet Protection Herren Protektor Top Grinder


Sweet Protection – Grinder Backprotector

A helmet for your back!
The Grinder back protector brings forward the advanced and award winning Sweet Protection technology. We all fall, and when it happens the Grinder shell will absorb shock and distribute impacts over a large surface area. The carbon fiber reinforced primary shell that covers the spine area will, in addition to dispersing impacts, offer penetration protection. Whether you are racing the world cup, straight lining the steepest lines in Alaska or hitting park jumps, the Grinder offers rigid and durable protection for your back.


+ CRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Shell) Shell Technology
+ PP-Polypropylene
+ EPP Shock Absorbing Liner
+ Direct Ventilation
+ Coolmax Liner
+ Detachable shoulder straps
+ Adjustable waist band


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